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Beattie office hours are from 7:30am-3:30pm.
Counselors will return on Wednesday, July 26th.
English 7G
Instructor: Sharum/Menendez   
Welcome to Mrs. Sharum & Mrs. Menendez's 7th grade English class!

We're very excited and fortunate to be your 7th grade English teachers this 2014-2015 school year! Our classes have a year full of engaging, intellectually challenging, and creatively stimulating assignments and activities planned to help you maximize your full potential. Along with sequencing and designing our units and concepts to master throughout the school year in coordination with the Redlands Unified Scope and Sequence and the California State Standards and Frameworks, we will begin implementing our transition to the Common Core State Standards.
We hope that in our classes you will encounter experiences that will challenge you to truly think about yourselves and the world beyond our classroom, begin to appreciate the beauty of the written word, experience the dynamic interactions that can take place in our classroom, and foster a passion for knowledge and inquiry.  We're thrilled for this coming school year and hope that you're ready to be immersed into the world of literature and all the beauty, insights, inspiration, and genuine experiences that can accompany it.
Something to Ponder... 

"It is our choices that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities." -- Albus Dumbledore

When you believe in a thing, believe in it all the way, implicitly and unquestionably." -- Walt Disney

CONTACT INFO {when contacting your teachers by email, we kindly ask that you include both of our email addresses}:

Qtr. 04 Grade CUT-OFF
The last day to submit LATE/missing assignments from Qtr. 04 only is Friday, 05.26.17.The No Name Tray will also be recycled on this date.
Accessing the Digital Textbook and other Resources
In order to access the digital student textbook [e-book] and other resources available [such as Level Up Tutorials, GrammarNotes, etc.], students will need to log on to Both the username and password is the student's SSID #. The website went through a maintenance recently, and all students should have access to the Grade 07 Collections textbook+resources.
From time to time there will be weekly quizzes [typically on Mondays] to check for understanding of the concepts and standards taught each week, as well as exams at the end of a unit/concept/text. These quizzes/exams are 50% of a student's grade [in the "Assessment" category].

Students who are absent and need to make-up these quizzes/exams have ONE WEEK FROM THE QUIZ'S/EXAM'S ORIGINAL DATE to make it up [ex: given on Monday, 08.22.16 they will have until the following Monday, 08.29.16]. Students may make-up quizzes/exams before or after school, or at lunch [eat lunch first, and then come to the classroom to make up the quiz]. Please schedule a time to take the quiz with us so that we can ensure we have no other conflicts with that date/time.

***NOTE*** even if students are not absent the day of the quiz, they may choose to opt out of taking the quiz that day if they were absent one or more days that week and still need to make-up necessary assignments in order to be successful on the quiz; the deadline for making up those quizzes is the same as stated above. There may also be weeks in which a quiz is not given when working on a Performance Task, etc.
S.R. [Scholarly Reading] April
April S.R. [Scholarly Reading] will be combined is due on Monday, 05.01.17. This is a required assignment counting as 100 pts. "Coursework". Honors students must read 400 pages [and General English students read 300 pages] of a 7th grade reading level or higher novel of which: a. they've never read before; b. a novel they can complete from beginning to end during the course of the 4 week S.R. period. ALL S.R. BOOKS MUST BE APPROVED BY YOUR TEACHER.

*** EXTENSION: April S.R. is now due on Monday, 05.08.17 to provide more focus for the Research Project!
Parent Portal
Be sure to check your/your child's grades for English on Parent Portal! As a reminder, we list all assignments that have been thus far assigned -- however, it may not reflect a grade as they are not yet due, collected, graded, or recorded. Only be concerned if you see a "0"/ZERO when there shouldn't be one [or an incorrect recording of a score]. Grades can only be changed if a student shows us the assignment in question with the actual mark made my Mrs. Sharum/Mrs. Menendez. Check the No Name Tray for missing assignments that you/your child knew they completed, yet never received it back with a score.

If you have any questions, please email Mrs. Sharum/Mrs. Menendez.
***Golden Ticket Use***
Use of the Golden Ticket: to excuse a homework and/or class assignment {ex: one day's opener, 1 page of class notes/assignments, one week’s worth of an S.R. log response (reading excluded); OR, it can be used to submit any "Coursework" assignment no matter how late, for full credit within the current quarter}. Unused Golden Tickets can be converted into 10 pts extra credit at the end of the semester.

Golden Tickets are NOT applicable to quizzes/exams/projects ["Assessment"] in any way.

If you have any questions, please ask your teachers!

Posted Hmwk & Daily Lesson Plans
Please check the folders below for each week of school. In it you will find the daily lesson plans, homework, and major annoucements. This is a wonderful resource if you're absent or need more time to follow-up on an asisgnment as class handouts, PowerPoints, etc. are uploaded for each week's folder.

Check it out! :)

Absences & Late Work
Absences are one of the #01 ways that grades drop... drastically, even, at times. It's your responsibility to keep your assignments up-to-date and complete upon being absent.

If you are absent...
  • Please remember to turn in your work that was due the day of your absence.
  • Any work missed on the day that you were absent you must get from another student, the website, or come speak with me before or after class.
  • ALWAYS MAKE UP MISSED QUIZZES + TESTS as these are 50% of your grade! Students have one week from their return from their absence to make up their missed quiz/test. It's imperative that this is completed within the time frame allotted!
  • You have as many days as you were absent, plus one extra day, to submit absent work. Late absent work will be counted as 50% credit [unless using a Golden Ticket or 1 Late Pass for every day the assignment is late]. GET YOUR ASSIGNMENTS IN ON TIME!


0% : Assessments
{quizzes, tests, project, final essays, etc.}
50% : Coursework
{openers, S.R. {Scholarly Reading}, class assignments, homework assignments, rough draft(s) of essays, etc.}

Five Point Grading Scale: 5 = A+, 4.5 = A, 4 = B, 3.5 = C, 3 = D, 2.5 & below = F

A+ = 97-100%, A = 93%-96%, A- = 90% - 92%

B+ = 87% - 89%, B = 83% - 86%, B- = 80% - 82%

C+ = 77% - 79%, C = 73% - 76%, C- = 70% - 72%

D+ = 67% - 69%, D = 63% - 66%, D- = 60% - 62%

F = 59% and below

Discussion Topics
No "Homework" exist(s)

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